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Sauna sex

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Sauna sex
suits, while others may actually have a no clothes allowed policy.

Interestingly, in Finland nudity in saunas is an important part of the culture.

Not only do the Finnish people believe that saunas work best when visitors are nude, but it can also be seen as a sign of respect for the local community.

Remember, in other countries as far as Russia and Europe, public nudity is not as sexualized as it is in the.S.

Traditional Finnish Sauna Etiquette, besides the issue of naked sauna customs, you must also familiarize yourself with.

Before you enter the sauna, or a public bath, you must shower and make yourself clean.

When you enter the sauna use the provided towel to sit on the bench.

Now sit back and relax as heat is emitted, opening the pores of your skin.

A real sauna in Finland is usually powered by a wood stove and sauna rocks, not electricity.

Therefore, to add more humidity you can throw water onto the rocks, which will also increase the temperature.

Though you can have a dry sauna, there must be some water thrown over the heated rocks; otherwise, too much dry heat can be harmful to the respiratory system.

It is important to note that when you are in a sauna, you must not stay too long.

While you can stay on the general premises, you should not stay in the sauna beyond 20-30 minutes.
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