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Featuring your favorite characters and originals!

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so why not have a sneak peak of what that experience looks like in VR below!

Today your dream photoshoot comes true when busty elf Soria turns up!

Hentai VR, life is never simple dating a succubus.

Hentai VR, think you can handle a summoning a succubus?

Hentai VR, think you can handle a succubus?

Dive into virtual reality and see if you can satisfy Liliths lust!

My party members swore that the loot would be in the Red Eagle Fort.

Itll be a breeze, they said.

A quick in-and-out, they said.

Well the only thing going in-and-out here is this half-goblin!

I suppose this gang simply disseminated a rumor that the Red Eagle Fort would have loot, so that naive adventurers like us would come running right into their ambush.

Lets keep this between you and me, but Im actually more than happy to give them the booty they so desire.

Maybe, just maybe, we should all team.

Secretary Karissa, animation by Zalivstok ( m/DZalivstok sound by Laarel, and voiceacting by me, KarissaPresents ( m/KarissaPresents ).

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Posted on, 00:01 UTC by: saltcutlet, uploader Comment, pixiv: p?id28852699, posted on, 23:46 UTC by: anthrofan, score.

I wish I could fuck in vr, only if I had one and knew where to find the program.

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