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In a Mothers Day stunt called #MomsBeforemilfs, porn site xHamster on Sunday will block off the videos in the adult video worlds most popular categorymilf clipsand instead show users a pop-up alert saying, Its Mothers Day!

Go call your mom, ok?

How will users looking for milfs, or moms Id like to fuck, respond to this rather jarring message of redirected priorities?

While logic might not agree, the sites execs seem optimistic itll go over well.

This is just a hilarious way to connect with our users and surprise them when they least expect it, says Alex Hawkins, vp of xHamster.

Its so contradictory for an adult site to promote this message on Mothers Day, and we are sure our users will love it as much as.

The idea was developed by a creative collective led by Spanish ad veteran.

Pancho Cassis, the former lola MullenLowe executive creative director who was named to Adweeks Creative 100 in 2018 and is known for attention-grabbing campaigns like Burger Kings Scary Clown Night.

Cassis recently left the agency and has not yet formally announced his next role or business, though the xHamster campaign hints that hes certainly going to keep producing eye-opening campaigns.

Heres a (safe-for-work) video explaining the one-day.

Milf ban: One of the larger porn portals on the web, xHamster says it gets 15 billion visits a year, averaging about.4 billion a month, with 2 million videos uploaded each year.

In case youre curious, the site says the average user spends 8 minutes and 41 seconds on the site.

But obviously thats a nine-minute block in which they could be thinking of their moms.

david Griner @griner, david Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably.").
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