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Bro forced sister

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Bro forced sister
on 06:46:55, read a message somewhere in one of these polls about a brother and sister getting a physical together.

Mom stayed in the waiting room while the nurse took the kids for their exam.

When it came time to undress, the nurse told them to "Strip no knowing if the stop with underpants, they both stripped off their underpants and waited in the nude for the doctor to come.

When he came in, he said "You should have kept your undewear on, but as you are naked, we will continue.".

They did not state their age, and I can not find the poll it was on to reread.

Have any kids received physicals with their sister(s) or brother(s)?

Were you a preteen or teen?

Posted by tomm2 on 10:34:29, when I was 10, I received a physical with my sister before the summer camp that we went.

My sister was.

I didn't know then that girls usually don't have to remove or lower their pants during a physical, I only knew that boys DID have.

My sister got her physical first (with me in the room too).

I couldn't believe the doctor (a male) didn't check inside her pants.

(I didn't know yet that it wasn't necessary for girls.) But I was about to find out that girls have a BIG advantage during "co-ed" physicals: it was my turn.

After the usual checks, the doctor lowered both my pants and underpants.

My sister, sitting only 2 feet away, could see all of my pen-s and testicles.

Her face lit up like a kid's face on Christmas morning.

She thought it was really wonderful!

Especially since SHE didn't have to be exposed at all!

She grinned and smirked as the doctor examined my testicles and checked me for a hernia (the cough, cough routine!).

And she loved it even more when I got a boner right in front of her.

(Perfect timing, right?) I found it very embarrassing and very unfair at the time, but later I came to accept that girls just naturally get more privileges than boys.

When we left the office, my sister did the "Ha Ha Ha!" routine and other things to tease and taunt me about.

She was just having fun as a girl, and I can't really blame her.

But just like the boy who's mother let his older sister bathe him without regard for his privacy, the doctor obviously didn't care about my privacy!
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