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Katrina kaif x video
her on how to accentuate certain details in her painting.

Piper isn't as serious and she takes the time to flirt with her teacher.

She loves the attention and just wants more.

Elena continues to paint Piper while she complements her perfect tiny little body.

When Katrina suggests going to get more painting supplies, Elena agrees.

Once the girls are alone it isn't long before they start flirting.

Piper gets up and sits on Elena, getting a closer look at her features.

Once their eyes meet, the girls start to kiss passionately.

The girls move to the couch as Piper undresses Elena, licking her nipples as she moans.

They eat each other's pussies and 69 as they cum on each other's faces.

When Katrina walks in, she hears moaning and can't believe Piper would do this to her.

Elena leaves, completely unaware that they've been caught.

With Piper is alone, Katrina walks into the studio to confront her.

She yells at Piper demanding that she explains herself but Piper knows she's been caught and Katrina knows she's been cheated.

Piper pleads with her, saying she'll do anything to fix things.

Katrina demands that she obeys her and then starts to undress her.

If Piper wants to act like a whore, she's gonna be treated like one!

In order to win back her heart, she's gonna have to do what she says when she says.
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