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Bratty foot girl
children that are still at home we are in the bdsm closet to almost everyone that we know.

I have learned that when my submissive, Little Kaninchen, begins to act out, she is wanting, needing, even craving my attention.

She acts out in a playful manner but she is acting out none-the-less.

Lk is testing me as a Dominant.

She is also telling me as a Dominant that she needs more attention and that she hungers for my attention, leadership, and correction.

If I am going to be a consistent and effective Dominant I will have to learn to serve her needs.

 Too often Dominants want to serve only the low hanging needs of their submissives.

 What I mean by this is that they are all into being a Dominant for easy and fun things such as being in charge and the great sex associated with Dominance and submission but when the time comes when.

 This is even more difficult to manage than it may appear on the surface.

 It is essential for us to rise to the occasion when we need to and also do so without being domineering.

The story below is my inspiration for the blog post.

It took place just a couple of weeks ago in our home.

Bratty little kaninchen lk and I had just gotten out of the shower and were getting ready to leave the house and grab a quick lunch.

I passed by her in our great room as I was walking out of our bedroom and she headed back from the laundry room with the rest of her outfit.

I suggested to her that she hurry and finish up so we would be back in time to meet our son from the school bus.

Lk playfully mocked.
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