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Groped in bus

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Groped in bus
my daily routine to go to work.

Later than usual, which did not allow me to make the morning ritual is to enjoy while taking that bath.

Thats right I need to do this to relax and be able to face the best day.

Luckily the bus was quick to pass, but it was late so unable to sit.

Nor seen anyone known to hold my briefcase.

When passing the roulette leaned next to an old man half asleep, but to see.

He offered to hold my briefcase, as he was an attractive both figured we would talk a little, but nothing, he began to doze.

The Groped in bus began to fill and soon found myself trapped.

Almost falling over person who held my folder, which continued to doze.

To my luck behind me stood a sexy male of about some 35 years, serious expression.

Also he was quite smelly and very respectful.

Because gave to realize the effort made to not touch me, but only with rocking of the bus from time to time contact was inevitable.

I came to realize he was will happen a good groped in bus.

Did not much matter, because while looking through the glass reflection, clearly could see.

It was something involuntary due to he avoided even looking.

As if embarrassed by the situation, that made me feel good.

Feel desired leaves me excited, for the reason that I have 1,65cm,weight.
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