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New York City FC Season Ticket Holder you have the opportunity to see your face displayed within the numbers on players jerseys for all matches played in the month of August.

 You will be able to select a jersey number (0-9 and the location within that number to upload your photo.

Click here to log in and upload your photo using the email address and pin code you received in via email.

Images must depict one person only (Note: one photo with more than one face will not be accepted).

One image per season ticket account.

All images must be at least 300 megapixels and must not exceed 6MB.

Your code is valid for one entry only, and expires.

February 3rd, 2015 at 12pm EST.

Once you've successfully uploaded your image, you will not be able to log back in or change spots, so please choose carefully.

For more information download the, sTM Jersey Number Program User Guide.

HQ pictures of Robert Pattinson during Cosmopolis rehearsal June 28th.

howls look at him teaching Kevin his moves.

But you can't duplicate Rob's hotness.

Look at that smile!

And those wonky feet!
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